Bixby and her Human


Howdy Ruffin’ Doo! My name is Bixby and I’m a 6 year old rescue dog. Together with my Human and our rubber safety chicken “Chicken Charlie”, we have emBARKed on an epic adventure criss crossing this beautiful country on a cargo bicycle on a mission to share the importance of pet adoption and supporting your local animal shelters.

dam_8820-picsayI originally found my human in Austin, TX and I knew right away that I had to rescue this guy. He’s a little hard headed, but once I taught him to trust me, the journey we have been on has been like no other.  Four years ago, when offered a ticket to the annual Burning Dog Festival is Southwest Nevada, I convinced my human to take a chance and leave our old life behind and start living our lives like an adventure instead of a chore.  We loaded into his pickup truck and set out to see the world.

We toured across the country visiting small towns, friends and national parks till one day our truck broke down and left us stranded in the desert Ghost Town of Terlingua in the shadows of the Chisos Mountains of Big Bend National Park. There’s magic in the air down there and we ended up falling in love with that unique little town and the people who inhabit it and ended up  living on a school bus in the middle of town for over a year. At the same time we got stranded we met the Coyote Brothers whom themselves were on an epic journey of a nearly year bicycle journey across the country making a documentary.  My eyes lit up when I heard their stories and though it took me a while to convince my human that he too could do it, he eventually gave in when I found us a Yuba Mundo cargo bike, mounted my comfy perch on the back, grabbed our trusty rubber safety chicken, and told my human “Dreams are like sticks…you just have to chase them!”

We have now pedaled nearly 10,too miles through 31 states and are having the adventure of a lifetime and my human has finally realized, If you don’t chase your dreams, they’ll never come true. The only thing I’ve asked in return, is that we help as many of my fuzzy friends as possible all over the country find their human’s to rescue. There’s a pooch for every human, some just need a little help finding them. Join us on this journey and you can help too. Follow along and see all the places we visit and keep your eyes peeled, you may just see us pedaling through your town. If so, stop and say Ruff. I’m friendly and I promise my human doesn’t bite. If you take a picture of us, share it with us or post it to our Facebook page.
Thanks a Ruff ,



Here’s a glimpse into our adventure


  1. Lee says:

    Hi, just happened to get a photo of you in Camden ME, it was purely a co-incidence as we were travelling from PEI Canada heading home to Toronto Ontario and decided to do a piece of Route 1. I didn’t even notice you in it until I got home. I was taking a series of street scene shots and when I looked I saw your website address. I can send you a copy if you let me know how to do it.

  2. Doug Mills says:


  3. Johnny says:

    Do you have an email address I can send these Nantucket pictures of you and Bixby to?

    • Bixby Bixby says:

      Did I ever comment back to you? I’m just getting a bunch of messages. 2 years later and we’re still at it. Currently in SanDiego and about to head back across the country. I’d love to have the Nantucket pictures if you still have them.

  4. Jaime Haskins says:

    Hi Mike. Met you at Time Out Pub in Rockland. Hope your travels are going well. I hiked 80 miles of the Long Trail in VT last week. That felt good!

  5. Pat Mcgayhey says:

    we just saw you on the new London ferry to Orient….good luck on Long Island!!!

  6. Barbara says:

    I just saw you drive by in Wading River, Long Island. I went right home and looked up this site. Happy Travels to you both!
    (very cool thing you’re doing!)

  7. Jen says:

    Welcome aboard the ferry to NJ!

  8. jeremiah says:

    Hey man hope you enjoy traveling the country. Hope the rest of Jersey treats you well. Hope you enjoy the belt and Bixby now has a leash !! Glad I got to meet you

  9. Suzanna says:

    Saw you two at 20th & Brandywine Philadelphia last night. What a great adventure! Happy trails!

  10. Erika Romanowski says:

    Hi Bixby and Mike!

    I saw you guys in Newport, Delaware, and I wanted to say hi, but you were on a really dangerous ramp for bike traffic, so it was kind of hard! I think this is awesome, and if you ever need anything, come right back to Newport! I love dogs, and my dog thinks he’s a human too. Best of luck to you both! Stay safe 🙂

  11. Joe O'Grady says:

    Hi Bixby! First of all, Happy Birthday buddy! I saw you while I was driving in the Outer Banks, NC today and took a picture of you and Mike on your bike! What a great story! We rescued our dog Zeke a few years ago and he is my best friend too. Hope you have a safe trip and enjoy the OBX!!

  12. mike tigani says:

    Happy birthday Bixby!I work at the Washington Street Alehouse in Wilmington,Delaware where i met you and your human a couple of weeks ago. Have fun on your journey and keep the snapshots of your adventure coming. We love following your experiences!

  13. Lily says:

    Hi Bixby! I saw you on my way to work today in Shallotte, NC! You are seriously the cutest dog in the world! You looked awesome sitting on the back part of the bike! Happy travels!

  14. Lynn (aka Samantha Powers Reedfield!) says:

    It was so cool meeting you and hanging out with you and Bixby here in Georgetown, SC. We love your idea of traveling the world with your bestie!!! Much luck, love, and peace to you both!!! Keep posting! Life is great!!!

  15. Terry and Cindy says:

    Hi Bixby,
    I met you and your human last week in North Myrtle Beach, S.C. in front of Fat Harold’s on Main Street. Cindy and I enjoyed talking with you two. What an exciting adventure that you are on. We pray for your safety and wish you the best on completing your trip to Key West. God’s speed!

    Terry and Cindy

  16. jan says:

    We saw you in Hardeeville SC yesterday, wish I had a dog treat with me, safe travels!

  17. Lisa B says:

    Hi Mike and Bixby! Just saw you on River Street, Savannah, Ga.

  18. Keith says:

    Mike and Bixby,

    Me and Cheryl met you guys in Savannah and it was really a highlight of our trip. Keep on trucking and stay safe out there. Ill be following you guys on facebook for sure. Awesome adventure!!!

  19. Leslie says:

    Met at Fort Pierce Marina, loved Bixby, small world that we were from Kingwood, Texas, hope to see many pictures of your venturrs…

  20. Charisee says:

    Hi Bixby! I saw you and your human traveling down A1A on South Hutchinson Island this morning! I hope you enjoyed the beach and fresh air! Safe Travels!!!

  21. Suzy Trino says:

    We just passed you on Burnt Store Road near Pine Island, Fl. January 30th at 11:00am. Do you keep track of your miles? Amazing journey!

  22. Barb Myatt says:


    I just met your human friend but was rushed with cars behind me and I’m mad at myself for not just BEING IN THE MOMENT, stopping someplace down the road and enjoying stories and a cup of java and now I won’t see you.

    What a wonderful journey. From the heart/spiritual/committed.

    I hope I get to see you and if your friend stops along the way for any period of time I would love to visit wherever that might be.

    Loving thoughts to you both,

  23. Taylor says:

    I completely forgot until now, but when i was in the Keys over christmas break, i saw you and your human at John Pennekamp state park. I wrote down the website in my phone and just saw it today. I was with my friend in the Keys and were both really wondering how far youve made it, and where you intend on going. Coming from me and my friend, wed love to see you come up to New Jersey and make a stop in Ocean City. Your journey is amazing and id love to hear back from you
    Good luck in your travels, Taylor

    • Bixby Bixby says:

      Wow! We spent 3 weeks in New Jersey last summer visiting my human’s mother, who was working in Tinton Falls. Our trip took us from Lubec, ME down the east coast to Key West, FL. From there we pedaled across the Everglades and traveled the Florida Gulf Coast to Fort Myers and then to the Tampa area. We’re taking a couple days off traveling now so my human can get this website more updated. He’s trying to get it where it auto-updates when we post to Facebook while on the road. Our next destination is California and we hope to be on our way soon.

      Thanks for contacting us.

  24. Corinne says:

    I haven’t seen you actually ‘cept here on the web but still , Bixby, I am in love with you! You & Mike please stay safe & if you get to north of Albany.NY fly an email & come for a visit. Meet my kitty’s want to meet you!

  25. Melissa says:

    Hello! I saw you at the Fort Worth Stockyards last week while I was at work. I wanted to say hi and pet Bixby but I wasn’t able to get away. Good luck on your many adventures and God Bless your heart and free spirit! Maybe our paths will cross again someday. Safe travels! -Melissa

  26. Barbara Redden says:

    I work with your Buddy ,Mark Smith in Houston. Congrats on your great adventure. Love the site .Barb

    • Bixby Bixby says:

      Thanks Barbara. Mark Smith from Kingwood? Schmitty? I haven’t seen him in 15 years. Just going through over 3,000 messages on here, my site got hacked. Thanks for the comment. -Mike and Bixby

  27. Paul says:

    Thanks Bixby for stopping into Bixby Oklahoma to meet us at the City of Bixby oklahoma

    you are a very nice dog and you have a nice master I hope all the rest of your trip is wonderful and if you need anything just ask

  28. greg says:

    Hey if you get to tulsa, you can stay for a few days here. Best of luck. Keep up the good work. Dogs are the best!

  29. Ashif says:

    Hi Mike and Bixby,
    It was really nice meeting you guys near pittsburg, KS on 7/28/2014. 🙂

  30. Jacob Pescaia says:

    Hey I saw you in Denver down by the platte river and thought wow that’s amazing, so I had to check out your website. So cool what you’re doing! Keep it up you guys!

  31. Bixby Bixby says:

    Right on man, Terlingua is a very special place. I’d love to figure out how to make it to Hawaii to pedal around a bit. I’m sure Bixby can surf! Thanks for your comment Dave. Cheers -Mike and Bix

  32. Starr says:

    Hi Bixby,
    We just saw you on Monday outside my son’s Kung Fu studio in Fort Collins! My friend Zen-dog is an adopted dog from Buena Vista, CO. It is beautiful country up near there- I hope you take the time to swing through the area!
    Thanks for creating awareness!
    Starr and Family.

  33. Jen Hahn says:

    BIXBY! I was honored to toss your soggy napkin continually tonight! DON’T LEAVE FORT COLLINS! It’s all about bikes, beer and dogs! Doggy utopia here in the great state of Colorado!

  34. Sandi & Mark says:

    Hey Bixby, nice meeting you in Blaine, WA! Nice meeting your hooman, too.

  35. Amber says:

    Hey, Bixby just passed by you! Castro, SF, Ca 1:06 12/28/14

  36. Kathy says:

    You guys are awesome! If you ever make it out to Roseville, CA, you both are welcome to stay, eat and sleep and my house 🙂 Go get ’em. Awesome cause.


  37. Hola! I’ve been following your blog for a long time now and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Porter Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the excellent job!

  38. Stephanie Palen says:

    I love this story, Where ya headed next? We are having a Dog and Yoga class today down here in San Diego.

    Anyway love you guys.

    (Jasper and Michas Human)

  39. Lisa says:

    Hi Bixby. Saw you get buried in the sand today at the beach. So cute !! What a great dog you are and your human is awesome too. What an awesome adventure you guys are on I have had 6 dogs in my life and 5 of them have been rescued I’m going to keep following you on your website and Facebook Keep up the good work !