Spicy Curry Bike Tour


mike-and-bixby-at-the-oceanOur spicy new ride comes with a spicy new goal; blow the World Record for longest trip on an e-bike totally out of the water. We began our run at the world record April 24, 2016 and expect to finish up somewhere on the West Coast early summer 2017.

I help my human keep track of his miles and document our journey online via a “Where’s Bixby?” website, super fun blog and social media sites.

The current world record is 4,400 miles, but someone is claiming 9,800. Initially we were thinking we would knock out 10,000 miles, but now we’re looking to pedal much, much further.

As I always say, “Dreams are like sticks, you just have to chase them.” and when you catch up to that stick, you have to pick it up and throw it further on down the road.


Here’s a glimpse into our adventure so far…