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We are always on the hunt for a good place to rest our paws.  If you’ve got a little extra room at your place to host one human and one adorable pooch let us know!  My human is house trained and we have plenty of stories to share. 





  1. bob says:

    If u make it to mt sinai call me 4743375. Saw u in wading river.

  2. Kathy Walsh says:

    If you ever make it to NH email us

  3. Michele says:

    It was so nice to speak with you and Bixby today in Fort Myers, FL near the courthouse. I was the one that talked about wanting to ride my bike from Fort Myers to the Keys and was worried about the width of the road. I love everything about your travels from your dog, to your bike set up, to your energy and smile. What an amazing adventure you are on. I hope some day to take time from the every day life of work and do something like this too, it is nice to see what seems like an impossible adventure, you made possible. I’m married with an 11 week old baby and 2 dogs and 2 cats. Enjoy your trip and you now have a new follower. Hugs and Kisses to Bixby. Pets are the most amazing creatures on earth and I enjoyed seeing your love for her and that she is so involved in your life. I wish I could have had more time to speak with you I would have loved to hear more stores and hear about your bike set up and more details. I sent your photo to my husband who loves dogs and bicycling and he responded with, THAT’S AWESOME. Enjoy your travels and you now have 2 fans here in Fort Myers. 🙂

  4. John Supra says:

    It was an absolute blast hanging out with you and Bixby today at the Navarre Beach Mardi Gras parade. You both made a huge impression on us and we will certainly keep track of your travels.

  5. Glenda says:

    Wish I had known when you were in GA! I would have welcomed you both into our home! If you come back thru, hit me by the email and I will host you and your dog. We have 5 dogs (3 are rescues!) 2 boxers live outside, 2 chocolate labs and an english springer spaniel inside! Good luck and God speed! Safety travels to you! Thanks for what you are doing to promote shelters!

    • donna says:

      Boxers are not meant to live outside, their coats are too thin and they require more human contact than living outside can provide. Please move them in where they belong. As a member of your family and not an outside barnyard animal. thank you.

  6. Carol Noldy says:

    What an amazing adventure you are having. If you are ever passing thru Pennsylvania, contact me. We live close to Corning. NY and the Finger Lakes wine region. Bixby hit the dog lottery when he met you. Have fun and be safe. I’m an avid pet lover and I’m thankful for the shelter awareness you are doing.

  7. Traci Broussard says:

    Always have a place to stay if you ever find yourself in Lafayette LA. Family evens owns a bike shop for any repairs you may need. 🙂 Safe travels!!

  8. Amber & Margarita says:

    Hey Bixby & Mike!

    We saw your story on FB through your NBC interview. We are from Terlingua, though I don’t think we’ve met. We are currently in the Napa Valley area of California and would love to put you guys up in memory of our rescued best friend, Missy. She loved to travel just like you guys and we would love to support your mission. If you make it this far north, let us know! We run a campground on Lake Berryessa and have plenty of lake front sites to put you guys up.

    Safe travels!
    The Garcia Family

    • Bixby Bixby says:

      interesting. We’re still in Texas, but will be heading north to Colorado in the next few days then on to Colorado, Montana, Washington and down the west coast. Would be great to meet you and camp out for a night. We’ve never been to the Napa Valley. And Terlingua friends to boot. Sounds really awesome!

  9. Hi Mike & Bixby!

    Armando here, owner of Tiny Buffalo in New Orleans. We printed your “HUG YOUR DOG” shirt with the wheres bixby website on it. It was amazing meeting you and hearing about your trip cross country with Bixby! I am a BIG dog/pet lover and seeing you and Bixby travel cross country makes me feel like jumping on a bike and traveling with my boy Nacho. Im sure you have met so many amazing people and came across many beautiful sights. When you stopped by New Orleans, I am glad you rode down Oak St. I would have never heard of this great story or even come across this website. I am honored that we were able to print your shirt for your travels to spread the word. I wish you luck and much safety on your quest. Stay safe and be well. Maybe on your way back you can stop by the shop again to say hi!

  10. Diana says:

    I live right outside Baron Rouge, LA – just saw you on our local WAFB news segment at 6 pm tonight. How awesome is your story!!!! Wish I’d know you would be coming thru, I’m a huge animal adoption advocate and support the cause as much as possible. I wish you both safe travels and will pray that your message reaches and motivates many many people along the way. God Bless : )

  11. amy and gary says:

    If you are in Grand Ledge Michigan, email us. My maiden name was Bixby so I would love to meet you. Grand Ledge is near Lansing the state capital.

  12. Elizabeth McFarland says:

    We sure enjoyed sharing in Bixby’s 5th birthday celebration. When you get back to Eugene, we would be honored to host you both. Be safe and know you are in our prayers always!

  13. Ronda, Stretch, Gus and Sue says:

    If you work your way back to the middle of the country we would love to host you and Mike in Kansas City. Enjoying your adventures on FB.