Support the Journey



As you can imagine, it’s not always easy being on an bicycle adventure with a mission to promote pet adoption and break a world record, but it sure is worth it.  We have met so many generous, amazing people on our journey!  Really awesome humans who have donated to our tour, shared our story or hosted us for a night and we wouldn’t be able to stay on the road if it weren’t for their generosity and encouragement.  

If you would like to help support us as we continue our journey just click HERE!  We also sell Hug Your Dog T-Shirts on our store.  Any donations will be used for food, treats, bicycle repairs, occasional lodging, etc.  Any amount is appreciated and we thank you so very much. 

We hope you follow along as we continue this adventure and if we pass your way, don’t be shy to reach out and say Ruff. I’ll even teach you how to play this game I invented called Fetch.   You can also follow Chicken Charlie, my Human and I on FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM,TWITTER & YOUTUBE