The Bike


Our journey started out in May of 2013 on a Yuba Mundo Cargo Bicycle. Packed to capacity and weighing nearly 300 pounds, not including my human, this bike handled the load like a champ allowing us to spend the next two and a half years criss-crossing this country over 10,000 miles from the Eastern Most Town in in Maine to Key West, Texas, Missouri,Colorado, Montana,to the Canadian Border at Blaine, WA and down the West Coast to the Mexican Border of San Diego, where our beloved bicycle got stolen. Not to worry though; with the help of the local media and Police, the bad human was caught and our bicycle was recovered.

Taking a little time to regroup and to re-aquire our gear, we learned of another human who had just broken a World Record for distance pedaling an electric bicycle. Knowing that Yuba had just unveiled their newest Electric Assist Cargo Bicycle, a new idea was born…

Looking out over the famous Castro District of San Francisco it prompts me to say that us pooches have no bigotry, hatred, prejudice, phobias, or any kind of ignorant fears of diversity. Most humans don't either. Every now and again we'll meet a Ruffin' Barkhole that is living in the past and it's up to us to help them see past their ignorance and embrace that we are all different, but all the same. Spread Ruff not hate.

We told Yuba about the World Record and this past March, we were sponsored a shiny new Spicy Curry Electric Cargo Bike; complete with all the best cargo and Bixby carrying add-ons! We’ve got expandable 2-Go Bags for all our stuff, Bread Basket for the blue crate in front, Running Boards to support all my treats and toys, Stand Alone double duty kickstand to keep the bike steady for me when parked and a pair of rear rack Carry-On bars to support my throne. It also had a smaller rear wheel making the distance I have to jump up lower, while also  lowering the center of gravity for the load that my human has to pedal around.

This is my human’s first electric bike experience and it’s safe to say he is in L.O.V.E. with the pedal assist, especially when we are climbing those never ending hills. “It didn’t take me long to realize I didn’t have to get off the bike: I could actually pedal up the hill. So to say I love the bike is an understatement. There’s only been one hill I couldn’t make it up with this bike and that’s Lombard St. in San Francisco” said my human and if you’ve ever been to San Francisco, you know that’s a legit ruffin’ hill.

A bit skeptical at first of how an Electric Assist Bicycle would work on tour, it’s truly proven itself to be ready for the challenge and I’ve really enjoyed being able to relax as my human pedals up the hills as opposed to having to get off all the time and walk while he pushes our heavy load up all those hills. Over this journey we have also gotten to know the the humans who own and work at Yuba and are proud to call them our friends. This is a company that believes in it’s bikes and cares that their customers are happy.  No, I am not being paid to say that. They simply make the best cargo bike you can buy.

Riding a bike is an adventure and Yuba makes that adventure way more versatile. Check out Yuba’s Website.  Be sure to tell them Bixby sent you. So grab your best human, get yourself a Yuba and start your own adventure.

yuba-yellowYuba  also makes a compact cargo bike called the Boda Boda, both of which have an option for an Electric Assist for those dreaded hills, and a balance bike for the kiddos called the Flip Flop that grows with your young humans. You can haul groceries, humans (big or little), pets, surf boards, other bikes, the sky’s the limit with these bikes and is a great alternative to using a gas guzzling car to get to and from work. With a motto of “What a Bicycle Can Do”, it’s hard to imagine what this bicycle can’t do.